Frequently Asked Title Loan Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we received from car title loan customers in Maryland. If your question is not listed below, you can always call our customer service representatives and they can further assist you with any of your other concerns.


Q: What are the qualifications to receive a title loan?

A: You must meet the following criteria listed below:

  • A clear vehicle title
  • 2000 or newer vehicle (some exceptions may apply)
  • A car close to or fully paid off
  • 18 years or older


Q: What do I have to bring to the title loan location?

A: Bring the following documents when you receive your loan:

  • Photo ID (Government issued)
  • Proof of residence (Utility bill/Government mail)
  • Original hard copy of the vehicle title
  • Proof of income (Pay stubs/Bank statements)
  • Vehicle


Q: How much can I receive for my vehicle?

A: The loan amount is based upon the condition, make, model, and the year of your vehicle.


Q: Are there any restrictions on what I spend the loan on?

A: No, there are no restrictions on title loans; you can spend your money on whatever you like.


Q: How often do I have to make payments on the loan?

A: There are customized payment options depending on the lender. Typically the payments run on a monthly schedule.


Q: How can I make my payments?

A: The payment types may vary by lender, but most can take electronic payments, checks, cash, and money orders.