Title Loans Frederick, Maryland

Applying for a loan comes with uncertainty, and it is a tedious process to begin. Sometimes the loans come with hidden fees that make it close to impossible to even pay them off. On the other hand, applying for a car title loan in Frederick, MD is simple and easy. All we need from you is your car title, and we will give you the specific loan amount you need. Since we only take the vehicle title, you will still be able to drive your car with no worries. As long as your car is in good overall condition, internally and externally, we can give you up to half of the value of your vehicle according to the Kelley Blue Book. Title loans have a higher chance of being approved if the vehicle is relatively close to, or fully paid off.

Title Loans Frederick, MD

Title Loans Frederick, MD Online Application

We consider your convenience, so we provide a free online application to get you started. You just need to fill out information about your vehicle which includes the make, model, and year. After submission, we get back to you with a free estimation of the vehicle worth. One of our loan representatives, upon completion of the application, will call you and inform you more about the process to see if it is right for you. If you make the decision to go through with the loan process, we will provide information on where the title loan sites close to you are.

Note that it is crucial to bring the vehicle assessed, the car title, proof of identification and proof of residence at our location.

You may obtain your car title at this MVA location:

Frederick – Full Service

Address: 1601 Bowman’s Farm Rd, Frederick, MD 21701

Phone: (410) 768-7000


Importance of On-Time Payments

Since you are given a loan amount in exchange for your car title, there is a chance of having your vehicle repossessed if payments are not made. Similar to bank loans, it is important to make payments on time, and there are no consequences to making any earlier payments. In the event that payments are not made, and there is repossession, Frederick has lawyers with years of experience to help you in settling your debt.

Anastasia Michaels, Consumer Law Lawyer

Address: 129 West Patrick Street Suite 9, Frederick, MD 21701

Phone: (301) 696-9090

Scott CI Borison, Consumer Law Lawyer

Address: 5500 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick, MD 21703

Phone: (301) 620-1016

These lawyers can also be utilized in helping you seek legal actions towards lenders who are taking advantage of your situation.

To report your lender, you may contact the Frederick Police Department for assistance:

Edward Hargis, Chief of Police

Address: 100 West Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701

Phone: (301) 600-2100

Or visit the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office:

Charles A. Jenkins, Sheriff

Address:110 Airport Drive East, Frederick, MD 21701

Phone: (301) 600-1046

Federal regulations also allow you to submit a complaint through the CFPB

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

P.O. Box 4503, Iowa City, Iowa 52244

Phone: (855) 411-2372