Title Loans Germantown, Maryland

Germantown, MD is the perfect place to start and raise a family. There are many outdoor adventure centers, recreational parks, summer camps, and house the best schools in the area. Every parent wants the best for their child, and that may mean additional expenses depending on the child’s area of interest. Taking out a title loan in Germantown, makes it possible to make your kids happy and pay all your bills. Unlike other loans, no credit is needed, and the application process is fast. If you take out a title loan in Maryland with us, you will get your money the same day that you sign the contract. You will never need to sacrifice the happiness of your family over the lack of funds.

Germantown Title Loan Application Process

With a growing and/or expecting family, we know that you may not have time to fill out a long drawn-out application. Luckily, with our free online form, all it takes is you giving us information about the make, model and year of your vehicle. When you have finished the application, we even give you the maximum loan amount you qualify for.

We pride ourselves in the ease and convenience of our title loan process. Our lenders and customer service representatives truly care about your financial situation, and no matter what the reason is for the loan, we will inform you on how title loans work, so you can make the right final decision. Our representatives provide you with excellent customer service, patiently answering all of your questions, and will guide you through the entire process.

The only qualification for your loan is a lien-free car title. A lien is a public citation on the title that gives us notice indicating whether or not the car is paid off. If your car is not fully paid off, we may still be able to work with you depending on how close you are to finishing your payment installments.

At the loan site, it is important that you bring the vehicle under the car title you are exchanging for, as well as the physical title. Our lenders need the car to give a final evaluation on your loan amount. The pre-existing condition of your vehicle determines the amount of money you may actually get, which can fluctuate higher or lower. The more recent makes can also boost your loan amount.

Even if you are allowed the maximum borrowing amount for your vehicle title, we urge our customers to only take the amount that they actually need. This is another way to ensure you are able to make your payments on time. We also encourage early payments, and making an earlier payment before scheduled will not be penalized. In fact it is encouraged, that way you never have to worry about being behind.

At the loan site, you also need to bring:

  • Photo identification (Government-issued ID)
  • Proof of residence (Utility bill/Government mail)

Some title loan lenders need a proof of income, however, we do not discriminate our customers based on their financial status.