Title Loans Pasadena, Maryland

Does it seem like you send out so many bill payments every month that you keep the check and the envelope companies in business? Wouldn’t it be nice to just write one check a month for all those bills?

Sure, you’ve thought about getting a consolidation loan before. The trouble is, your credit really stinks right now. You’ve had one-too-many late payments because of that trip to the ER a year ago. It’s easy to feel frustrated about all this.

But fortunately for you, you are also smart and savvy. Perhaps a friend or relative told you about title loans in Baltimore/ Pasadena. You don’t need good credit to get one of those, but getting one could be just what the doctor ordered for your credit. You build credit upon your ability to manage the bills you have and to pay them on time. That’s just what a title loan can do for you.

And you can use one for anything you need to take care of in your budget. Whether it truly is to consolidate all your bills into one payment or to rebuild your credit after a bankruptcy, the money is yours free and clear.

If you want to read more about how title loans in Maryland work, look through the remaining sections below.

Title Loans Pasadena: The Application

As a title loan company, we ask that you have vehicle’s title that you can use as collateral for your loan. To that end, a portion of the application will deal with your car, truck, or motorcycle. We’ll need to know:

  • Its model/ type/ make
  • The year the manufacturer produced it
  • The mile-reading on the odometer

We also require a bit of info about you:

  • Your legal name
  • Your telephone
  • Your zip

Once you input your data into our online application, remain on our site. Our computer program will have an estimate for you shortly after you turn in your application.

Also following the written portion of the application, you can look forward to a call from someone from our company. Your loan rep will chat with you about the last parts of your loan. You might even be able to pick up your money today.

Title Loans Pasadena: Legal Regulations for Your Protection

Title loans in Pasadena, Maryland are meant to be safe for the consumer. Our industry works under the governance of many state and federal regulations and laws. These types of regulations mean that certain things are locked into the terms of your contract once you sign. These can’t be changed by the title loan company after the fact. These factors include your interest rate; the length of time you have to pay off your loan; your monthly payments; and when your payment come due each month.

You’ll find all of this information written down in detail in your loan contract. If any portion of the contract is unclear, please visit with your loan counselor about it.

A Recap of the Financial Benefits You Get

  • You can use the money anyway you’d like, including to consolidate your current bills.
  • Your credit has no significant bearing on whether you can borrow money from our company. The title to a vehicle in your possession is enough to get you a loan.
  • The only legitimate credit repair that exists is the act of paying your bills on time over time. A title loan helps you repair damaged credit. It even helps restore a credit rating after bankruptcy.
  • The application is online. You can start filling out when you get done reading this section. There’s no need to leave your house.
  • The title loan industry and the professionals who work in are subject to many legal regulations. These protect you, the consumer, throughout the duration of your loan.

With so many things in your favor, it’s easy to see why a title loan would help you. Why not apply now?